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Web Communities are groups of people who come together to ‘talk’ to each other over the Internet. Some of the biggest and most successful companies on the web are based around communities. Technology has advanced to the point where being part of a community and connecting to others on your computer, tablet and phone has become an important part of our lives. Most of us are now comfortable with sharing our thoughts, photos and videos on a daily basis.

The challenge is to bring people into a managed environment where their insights and opinions can be expressed, shared and analysed. The ageing unfriendly interface of “forum style” products that dominate the discussion marketplace immediately acts as a barrier for social-media savvy participants. Our platform empowers participants to provide insights in an environment that is immediately familiar and inviting. It looks and feels like a product from the age of social media.

Our platform lets you create a “community” that can run for anything from an hour to days, weeks or months. Participants visit the discussion in their own time while it is open. They generally will visit the discussion multiple times over it’s duration. A successful discussion will contain a large number of comments, pictures and optionally videos. There will be interaction between participants via replies, up-votes and down-votes.

All the content that is created by participants is stored and presented in a structured format that makes comprehensive analysis quick and easy. Both Live Groups (coming Summer 2016) and Discussions share common analysis tools, ensuring that switching between the two methodologies is completely seamless. Live chat data can be viewed as a traditional chat, or as a series of comments and replies within topics – just like a normal discussion.

At the end (or indeed at any time) transcripts can be extracted to Excel or Word. The quality of the Word reports are immediately “client ready” should you wish to provide them with a full transcript. All pictures are included and content is easy to find by using the automatically generated index at the front of the report. Picture exports are similarly easy. Rather than using the pictures out of Word for other purposes, the native images are available to you.

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