Computer Assisted Personal Interview or CAPI is the ability to have your survey delivered to your respondent, face-to-face via iPad (or iPhone).

Our system allows your survey to be delivered via the mode of your choice or across multiple modes (CATI, CAPI, online etc) and to look equally beautiful and work just as perfectly across each one.

We have the hardware and expertise to deliver your CAPI survey easily, quickly and cost effectively to wherever it needs to be.

BYO Interviewers or we can supply
We provide the hardware and software
Pay only per device per project
No minimum fee
No maximum responses
Up to 30 days use per project

Online & Offline

Our CAPI software will allow you to work completely offline and whenever the iPad manages to connect to a wifi or cellular signal, it will automatically sync the latest data to the server.

Designed for ios

The app have been designed to work on iPad (including mini) and even on iPhones. Using all the latest features of the most current iOS to make it a powerful and stable platform.

GPS Tracking

Every interview have a GPS location stamped, you can also track exactly where your interviewers are located at any time.

Audio Validate

Effortlessly record the audio of your interviews. Great for sound bites in presentations, gathering a deeper understanding of open ended questions or simply for validating interviews.


Just like our Online and CATI, we provide full multilingual survey capabilities including a translation service.

Live quotas

Monitor and manage your quotas from all your interviews across all the devices in the field live from one portal.