Online Surveys

As one of the first major online fieldwork agencies in Australia, the team at yellowSquares have been involved in online surveys since their inception in the 1990s.

Fully managed

We take care of every aspect of your project and offer advice and support along the way. Our programmers and project managers are always available to you for whatever you need.

Hosted in Australia

We care where your data is. Privacy and security are one of our biggest concerns in this industry, this is why we choose to host in Australia in the most secure data centres available.

Device Responsive

Your surveys should work everywhere, and with us - they do! With around 15% of all surveys completed on some kind of mobile device, we ensure our surveys work and look amazing wherever they are.

Custom Scripting

Our programmers are all scripting wizards and use J-Script, J-Query, HTML5 and CSS to bring your ideas to life. We can custom create any kind of question you can dream of.


Our surveys can be deployed in any written language. Respondents can switch between any language at any time while still maintaining one dataset. We also provide translation services.

Your look 'n' feel

It's your survey - have it looking like you want it to look! We can customise our surveys to use your or your clients branding and look 'n' feel. Or if you prefer we can keep nice and clean.