Meet the squares

Chris Mawn
Online Director
Chris has been in the industry for 24 years and is responsible for the ongoing development of survey tools and programming. Chris is a regular contributor to the AMSRS annual conferences and was co-author of an award winning research paper in 2014 on survey design.
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Gillian Milne
DP Director
Gill has over 20 years' experience in research, with the majority of this specifically in data provision. She is expert in both Surveycraft and SPSS, and a very capable online programmer to boot. There is no one better to service your data requirements.
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Amy Mawn
Panel Manager
Amy looks after the Surveyvillage, BLOKEVOTE, SurveyMOB and SurveyCulture panels.
Clair Reynolds
Programming Manager
Clair leads our programming team because she is a calm, experienced, safe pair of hands. She has exceptional attention to detail and is adept at ensuring that projects run smoothly. As a permanent fixture of the industry, Clair has a wealth of experience to share and our clients often specifically request her involvement in their project.
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Kellie Leddy
Senior Programmer
As our custom and advanced scripting specialist, Kellie is the perfect team member for complex projects or unusual requests. She utilises creative thinking to find brilliant solutions to survey requests. Kellie is methodical and works tirelessly to ensure every survey is exceptional.
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Lisa Langston
With over 15 year’s experience spanning both the UK and Australia, Lisa comes from a strong programming and DP background, having worked in some of the largest MR companies. Lisa is capable of adeptly managing complex surveys both online and offline across any language and is a crucial member of the programming team.